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Air Cargo Services from SameDayDelivery.com

Regardless of what it is that you're shipping, some items and some deliveries just can't wait for standard shipping times to get them there.

Yes, some items are urgent — and when deliveries become urgent, it's not just the recipient that could be left in a bind if they don't arrive, but your company's reputation too. For urgent deliveries, air cargo is generally the recommended method of transportation, as it can get items to their destinations in hours — not days. And when you combine the speed of air travel along with the numerous safety benefits associated with shipping items this way, expedited air cargo can make for a huge win-win scenario for both you and the recipient that it's going to. 

Types of Air Cargo

Same Day Air Company

We're proud to specialize in air cargo transportation, as we've become known as one of the leading providers of expedited delivery services in North America. On this page, we'll cover the various air cargo transportation options that you have to select from, as well as some of the benefits of air transportation and how we can make the ideal partner when you have items that need to get out pronto. Here's a closer look.

From same day air cargo to expedited air transportation that’s 100 percent customized for you and your application, there are various different types of air transportation for companies to choose from.

Here’s a look at this variety and their benefits:

  • Same Day Service: The name says everything — this type of air cargo is boarded onto a plane and arrives at its destination on the same day. It’s typically reserved for timely deliveries that are pre-scheduled. In other words, a company knows when a shipment or part run will conclude and proactively arranges transportation for an aircraft to take the goods where the goods need to go in a timely fashion. Yet while this type of planned delivery is always the preferred method, that's not always the case.
  • Next Day Air: Have an urgent shipment that doesn’t necessarily have to get to its destination on the same day? The best option is likely next day air, which will ensure it gets on a plane and arrives at its destination the following day. In the case of overnight flights, it may even arrive first thing in the morning. This is another great expedited shipping option, though it's not quite as timely as same day service.
  • Air Cargo Charter: Whether it’s a specialized shipment or an emergency shipment that absolutely needs to be sent, an air cargo charter is an option. The main difference between air cargo charters and the other options we’ve listed here is that these shipments aren’t typically put on an already scheduled flight. Instead, you’ll have to charter a flight to send them on to ensure the delivery reaches its destination in time. It’s a financial commitment, but in the event of absolutely requiring something to get to its destination at a certain time, it may be the only option. We're proud to partner with you and offer it as a viable option.

What We Do

Expedited Freight Air Cargo

We won’t just ensure your shipment gets to its destination when you need it to get there, but we’ll also take any guesswork out of things to offer you peace of mind every step of the way. When you contact us about your delivery, we’ll first take the time to listen to exactly what your shipment is and what you need, and then we'lll suggest what the best method of expedited delivery could be for you. From there, we’ll let our comprehensive logistics system take over to get it from Point A to Point B. We’ll arrange for your shipment to be picked up from its origin and boarded on the appropriate flight, and we’ll explain how you can track it every mile of its journey along the way. 

Beyond this, we’re also pleased to provide industry-leading customer service to everyone we work with. We know how stressful an expedited shipment can be and how important it is to you and your business that it arrives on time. It’s why you’ll be assigned a single point of contact that you can get in touch with if you have any questions or concerns. We’re not going to make you leave a message and wait for a call back, and we’re not going to give you the runaround and transfer you to numerous staff members until someone can give you the right answer. You’ll have one point person standing by and ready to serve you until your shipment reaches its final destination. That's another big factor that separates us from many of the other companies operating in the same space.

Not all air cargo companies are equal when it comes to logistics and service, but we set a high bar. Contact us today for more information on how we go the extra mile for you when it comes to your delivery.

Benefits of Air Cargo

Though there are many benefits associated with expedited air delivery, they all can be narrowed down to a main three. Here’s a look at the “big three” when it comes to the advantages that air travel has over ground and other methods of transportation.Same Day Air

The advantages of air cargo include:

  • Speed: Arguably the biggest benefit of delivering items via air is the speed in which they can arrive at their destination. Days of ground travel are reduced into hours of time through the air at 30,000 feet above sea level — regardless of where in North America you're having items delivered. If you're ever in a bind when it comes to an on-time delivery, air cargo can be that ace in the hold to get your items where they need to go on time. 
  • Safety: Reports indicate that the safest way to travel is by air, and air cargo deliveries are similar. The chances of a truck transporting items via ground transportation are much more likely to become involved in an accident or experience mechanical problems compared to an airplane delivering goods by air. A part of this is because aircrafts are required to go through a thorough inspection prior to taking off to ensure they are best suited to fly safely. And while trucks and other ground methods of delivery also go through an inspection, it's usually not nearly as thorough as that of which an airplane goes through.
  • Efficiency: When you ship items through the air, you can say goodbye to traffic jams, traveling through storms and all of the other inconveniences of ground travel that may occur where the road takes you. And yes, there's the chance that an airplane will be delayed or have to wait for weather to clear before taking off to deliver its goods, but generally speaking, the delay that you may experience with an aircraft is nothing compared to what you may encounter if your items were to be delivered by ground. Plus, once the plane is in the air, it's able to navigate around storms above the clouds and even make up time by riding the jet stream. Delivering items via air isn't just faster and safer, but it's much more efficient as well. Plus, airplanes don't have to watch out for potholes and other road hazards.

Guaranteed delivery. While many other transportation companies don't go as far as to guarantee their services, we will. That's how confident we are in what we do — so confident that we're willing to stand behind it 100 percent.

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For more information on why we're highly regarded as one of North America's leading expedited transportation companies, contact us today. While we specialize in all types of expedited item delivery, air cargo is one means of transportation that we particularly excel in. We partner with you every step of the way so that we can best understand your needs and have your deliveries in the air and in transit so that they arrive at their destination well before your deadline arrives. Backed by a strong logistics system, a commitment to customer service and a desire not just to meet, but to exceed the expectations of every customer that we work with, we won't rest until your delivery gets to where it needs to go on time. For more information on our expedited air cargo delivery services, contact us today.

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