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Our Surety Bond is Your Protection

AirFreight.com has obtained a freight broker bond in accordance with regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration.  By obtaining this surety bond, we guarantee our contractual obligations to shippers and carriers will be met under Title 49, Section 387.307 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

How Bonds Protect the Public

Companies who broker freight are not operating legally unless licensed and bonded.  Surety bonds are designed as insurance for the public to protect them against unlawful conduct.

Our surety bond represents a guarantee that AirFreight.com will follow all contract terms and operate in compliance with applicable federal statutes.  If we fail to do so, a claim may be brought against the bond.

Our Company’s Low Risk Assessment

Through an evaluation by surety specialists, AirFreight.com has been found to be very low risk, qualifying us for an elite standing with our surety bond provider.  Only a small percentage of businesses in the United States achieve this recognition, which further demonstrates our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Their Promise is our Promise

Surety bonds are a promise from the bonding company that any losses incurred can be recovered.  We make this same promise through an agreement which indemnifies the bond company, backed by our assets, signifying our intent to fulfill all contracts.

The following link provides further information on how surety bonds are in place for your benefit.