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Need a Dedicated Carrier to Ship Your Time Sensitive Freight?

Expedited Freight Company is a privately owned company with a single mission — to transform the transportation industry.

Think of us as a rabbit leaping among tortoises, a hovercraft speeding above rush hour traffic. When you use one of the many companies inside the Expedited Freight Company brand, you don't need to worry about your cargo's making its destination. You just relax and enjoy the ride.

Logistics specialists, our team of trusted associates have decades of experience in anticipating and circumventing breaks in the supply chain. We offer dedicated freight solutions — chartered jets, full truckloads, hotshot trucks, and same day and overnight delivery services.

Expedited Freight Company Gets Your Cargo Delivered On Time, Every Time

Expedited Freight Company Savvy companies know that logistics management is key to business growth. According to a Deloitte survey, 79 percent of companies with effective supply chains achieve higher revenue. Poor strategic management of supply chains, on the other hand, leads to unfulfilled promises, spoiled inventory, a lack of faith in the company's branded image, and for some operators, business failure.

While some companies simply underestimate the importance of supply chain logistics, there are others — software giant Apple among them — who are strongly committed to logistics management but still encounter problems delivering products on time. Apple is not alone. Target, Walmart, and Nike have all had difficulty getting critical, time-sensitive inventory on the shelves in recent years.

Welcome to the twenty-first century, where a host of issues can potentially wreak havoc on global supply chains:

  • Rising tariffs, global treaties, economic flux, and natural disasters create uncertainty.
  • Shortages in the blue collar labor force threaten to limit the number of warehouses employees in spite of the rise in automation.
  • Trucking capacity continues to tighten, increasing the amount of time carriers wait at port for cargo to be picked up.

Expedited Freight Company understands these challenges and has developed a logistics model with the expertise and reach to conquer them. 

Premium Freight Services

A provider of premium freight services in a "best-in-class" segment of the expedited transportation industry, our services include:

  • Air Freight
  • Air Cargo
  • Air Charter
  • Expedited Ground Transport
  • Just in Time Delivery

We Succeed When Other Options Fail

Expedited Group Sites

Expedited Freight Company has reinvented the way people do business with transportation providers and is shaping the future of the freight industry by offering something no other transportation or logistics shipper can — access to thousands of emergency freight and expedited cargo service website domains within its global name brand, Expedited Freight Company.

Why would thousands of domain names help a customer's bottom line?

It's simple. Top placement of premiere internet domains ensures that customers searching for supply chain solutions will quickly gain access to businesses under the Expedited Freight Company global brand and, from there, be able to find service professionals who meet their specialized needs for dedicated trucking, emergency freight, expedited carriers, air charter services, express delivery, and same day delivery services.

Although each individual domain operates independently, with their own management teams and company brand, all are accountable to the same high standards. Read on to learn more about some of the powerhouse domains in the Expedited Freight Company brand.



Air Freight provides air freight, air cargo, and ground expedited services nationwide. They specialize in air charter services, allowing customers to meet short deadlines on critical projects and keep production lines moving by offering the exclusive use of an aircraft.

There is virtually no limit on the size of the shipment, and they handle every sort of cargo, from remote oil field equipment to humanitarian relief shipments. Their team of charter experts will match you with the optimum aircraft to meet your needs and expedite your time-sensitive freight delivery.



When customers need a carrier who will move urgent freight and time sensitive materials to their destination quickly and securely, Same Day Delivery is the answer.

They provide both same day and overnight services of urgent freight and documents via air, truck, and air charter. They will ship materials of any size, to any location. Same Day Delivery also provides nationwide business to business (B2B) same day shipments, specializing in palletized freight or industrial parts.



With over a decade of experience in logistics solutions and 50,000 expedited freight vehicles at the ready nationwide, Expedited Freight makes shipping urgent cargo to destinations across the United States, Canada and Mexico a simple and streamlined process.

They offer a choice of cargo and splinter vans, small straight trucks, and large straight trucks — there is dedicated freight space for all your expedited shipping needs.



A nationwide expedited and emergency freight company, Hot Shot Trucking handles the unique service needs of clientele in the construction, natural gas and pipeline, and oil refinery industries.

They take on mega-sized loads and specialized freight such as plant equipment and industrial machinery. Thousands of trained hot shot service drivers and customer service pros work together to provide customers with up-to-date information about the location of their cargo. Time-sensitive or long-distance deliveries? No problem.



This North American freight shipping solution gives businesses of all sizes and industry type access to fast, reliable full truckload carriers that will ship your urgent freight either just across the next county line or to long haul trucking destinations across the United States and Canada.

Full Truckload are truck brokers, pairing your business with the most cost-effective and reliable options in the industry. Experience dictates that full truckload shipments are best handled through a single point of contact, and that one contact is all the customer needs from getting the initial bid all the way through to the final invoicing.

No Company Should Leave Logistics to Chance

About Expedited Freight Company

Expedited Freight Company is revolutionizing the global supply chain one seamless freight delivery at a time. We not only aspire to set a new industry standard — we hope to inspire other freight delivery companies to improve the way they do business as well.

We provide expedited service to a variety of industries, including logistics, automotive, energy, construction, machinery, oil and gas, electrical, printing, packaging, chemicals, and engineering. We operate both in the United States, Canada and Mexico, networking with a fleet of over 50,000 vehicles that are capable of being dispatched within minutes.

We are affiliated with the Expedite Association of North America (TEANA) of which our Founder Dan Boaz is President. Expedited Freight Company has also obtained an elite freight broker bond to guarantee that our contractual obligations to our carriers and shippers will be met.

Our Quality Standards Ensure Customer Satisfaction:

  • Safety - We only work with carriers who are highly trained professionals, licensed to carry the specialized freight that businesses ask us to transport. Everyone tasked with handling the products and shipments adheres to best practice principles to minimize the chance that items will be soiled or damaged in transit.
  • Speed - We are an expedited shipping and freight company, so streamlining logistics to get materials from point A to point B in the least possible amount of time is the top priority. That's why Expedited Freight Delivery makes an investment in not only the latest tools to track deliveries but also in personnel to are experts in supply chain management.
  • Convenience - The last thing customers want to be bothered with when processing an urgent freight order is a lot of unnecessary add-ons or inexplicable red tape. That's why we include outgoing and incoming airport delivery trips to the final destination in the air cargo service. We also offer a pay structure that is simple to understand, itemized delivery and cost information, and a single point of contact for long haul trucking.
  • Accessibility - Transparency and accountability are our watchwords, and part of that is remaining accessible to the businesses and individuals who use our services. Our well-trained staff of customer service agents keeps customers informed at every step of the process. We also remain accessible through the range of related domain names that we own. Customers can access our "mainframe system" by entering any of these domains and readily find the exact services they need.

And because we know just how important it is for your cargo to arrive at its destination on time and in pristine shape, we are staffed with trained customer service representatives to keep the lines of communication open every step of the way. We treat you and your cargo both like VIP.  Contact us today at (800) 632-1505 or request a quote.