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We thought our last post about same day delivery via underground pipes seemed rather radical, but a new pilot scheme from Amazon being trialed in Germany may be equally surprising. Amazon are launching a very limited program for Amazon Prime customers where deliveries can be made to the trunk of your car.

Amazon are partnering with DHL and German auto leader Audi to allow prime customers (who own an Audi) to elect to have their urgent deliveries made to the trunk of their vehicle if preferred. I'm still digesting the exact practical applications of the service versus delivering to the home or workplace of the buyer. I suppose a larger package being in the trunk of your car as you leave work is a benefit of sorts but is the pilot scheme an attempt to capture more customers, test new technology or a novelty PR exercise?

on-demand-delivery-amazon-dhlAs for the particulars, the program applies to Audi owners in Munich at present, the delivery driver will have limited access to the vehicle's trunk only via digital authorization to place the shipment in the vehicle. Amazon stated that the trial is "the first step toward eventually offering Amazon Prime members around the world the ability to use the trunk of their car as a delivery location."

Although it seems to be a combination of an extremely niche market and potential pitfalls it's not difficult to envisage how technology and user adoption of the service could see a long term growth in popularity. Above all else it shows the innovative approaches being considered by the online giant in tandem with their leverage with other companies could continue to transform the same day and on-demand delivery market in the years ahead.

Here is the official Amazon explanation: During the checkout process, customers simply indicate the approximate location of their car during the delivery window. When a carrier driver arrives, the vehicle's car trunk can be momentarily accessed via a unique, order specific digital authorization. The delivery agent then simply places the order into the trunk and closes the hatch which locks the car again

If such a service was offered in your city would you take advantage of it?

With thanks to Amazon.com and CNET.com for source information. 

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