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Rapid changes in today's technology have altered business beyond recognition and as you would expect this also applies to the b2b same day delivery sector. Whether it be accounting, networking, communication or GPS/mapping applications, technology continues to help businesses of all types become more efficient and manage resources in ways far beyond what was previously possible.

For those who develop apps whether they be mobile-based or online a huge factor in their quest for success comes down to anticipating real existing needs and then creating a viable solution for them. The same day delivery arena provides yet another area where developers are looking promote new apps on a regular basis.

One brand-new app that just launched is called 'Roadie' and is squarely aimed at positioning private drivers as a same day delivery provider, or even offer long haul urgent freight if applicable. The concept is that regular commuters on the road with planned journeys can participate in a person-to-person ground shipping network. The idea was conceived by founder Marc Gorlin from Atlanta who thought of the idea after being stuck in traffic heading out of town to pick up an important delivery that had failed to arrive, at that point looking at traffic heading in the opposite direction he realised that surely some of those vehicles had originated from the city he was heading to and could have been delivering the cargo he was off to collect.

Roadie is initially launching in nine states primarily in the south-east and is planning to be offered nationwide later in the year. Sensibly, drivers must pass a background check and complete online tutorials before being able to provide delivery services. Approved drivers (roadies) will be paid via direct transfer approximately 3 days after completing a delivery, The new company's website provides a fairly comprehensive list of initial FAQs and indicates that drivers will typically be paid in the region of $8-$20 for local deliveries.

Users/customers are able to register for free and have the option of either meeting the driver in an arranged public place or to have the delivery made to their place of business or home. Pricing for the user is confirmed prior to delivery and the website clearly states that no bartering or negotiation is acceptable.

It will be really interesting to see if Roadie can carve out a niche for itself in a market that is becoming ever more competitive. I can envisage smaller online sellers and independent retailers experimenting with such a service to allow them to offer express delivery within a certain radius without needing to have their own cargo van or need to head down to the local post office or FedEx® location. We'll keep an eye on how things develop for Roadie and likely publish a follow-up story later in the year.

The app is now available for download via both Android and Apple iOS and you can check them out on the Roadie website in addition to learning more information. How do you think Roadie will fare? 

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