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Committed Carriers: Completing Every Shipping Step With LastMileDeliveries.com

A rapid and resourceful carrier you can count on to complete every last step of your delivery needs.

With LastMileDeliveries.com, you’ll never have to worry about finding quick ground transport in an emergency. We specialized in same day delivery services, loading your goods and setting out for the destination the moment you place an order. By maintaining coverage in all major US and Canadian cities, we have an automatic head start on any delivery. You can always trust us to get there by the deadline.

Last Mile Delivery Services

Last Mile Delivery Your Freight's typical journey can be broken down into three phases: the first mile, the middle mile, and the last mile. The first mile takes it from a production facility to a warehouse, while the middle mile takes it from that warehouse to a distribution center – which usually accounts for most of the distance it travels.

During the last mile is where large shipments of goods diverge into hundreds or thousands of individual deliveries, each with its own route, location, and timing.

As your express delivery changes hands and transportation modes, there are many opportunities for a single point of failure throughout the logistics chain – and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

The Benefits of Last Mile Delivery for Your Company

Last Mile Deliveries No matter how careful you are, no firm is every fully prepared for a shipping emergency. When your standard carrier drops the ball, a customer demands quick service, or you suddenly develop more expansive shipping needs, you and your employees must scramble to find a faster trucking service. Only a last mile delivery company will be able to help you in this situation by offering:

  • Next Day Deliveries - By keeping drivers in strategic positions, last mile delivery companies are able to get to your destination reliably by the end of the next day. This limits the length of the delay and the emergency’s overall impact.
  • Overnight Deliveries - Sometimes, shipping within 24 hours just isn’t fast enough. The carrier must therefore provide overnight deliveries, getting your goods to their endpoint by the start of business the next day.
  • Same Day Delivery Service - For the most critical supplies and customer orders, you may literally be unable to wait for more than a few hours. Your carrier will therefore have to complete the order by the end of that day.

LastMileDeliveries.com offers all three categories of expedited trucking service. We have more than a decade of experience serving hundreds of companies across dozens of fields, and are prepared to handle all of your goods swiftly and safely. Trust us to perform last mile deliveries and no shipping disaster will catch you off guard.

The Full Selection of Last Mile Delivery Services

To help you get the most out of our last mile deliveries, we offer:

  • Access to a committed customer service team that can give you updates on your order whenever you need them
  • The freedom to schedule standard shipping services and then switch to a same day delivery as needed
  • Coverage and personnel in major cities all over both Canada and the United States
  • A variety of price options so you don’t have trouble meeting your budget
CALL (800) 632-1505

Advanced Tracking Techniques for Every Last Mile

Last Mile Delivery Tracking LastMileDeliveries.com doesn’t just give you our word that your orders are on their way. We also track those orders from start to finish, and can offer you reports on their position whenever you ask.

Our tracking technology also allows us to look out for obstacles on the way to your destination and plan around them, as well as to respond quickly if there is an accident. In this way, we keep you fully informed and your items safe and on schedule.

To learn more about last mile delivery and rapid trucking services with LastMileDeliveries.com, visit our website today or call (800) 632-1505.