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Same Day Shipments: Rapid Air & Ground Service From PersonalDeliveryService.com

Safe, effective same day shipping solutions from Personal Delivery Service to serve all your customers with pressing personal delivery service needs.

When a customer demands that you fulfill their personal order on their schedule, few companies know how to ship out their product on time. PersonalDeliveryService.com offers the quick, safe shipping you need to fulfill such complicated orders. As a personal delivery service company, we have a coverage network that extends across the United States and Canada, allowing us to begin shipping from any location at any time. With our help, you’ll have no trouble fulfilling the most pressing personal orders.

Personal Delivery Solutions

Personal Delivery Solutions Virtually every company has been in this situation at least once: a client places a personal order on a tight schedule, requiring you to ship much faster than you typically would. When this happens, your only hope is to find a same day delivery company that can ship your order within a matter of hours, but this is easier said than done. While many personal delivery services claim they can complete your order by the day's end, few are truly prepared to:

  • Fuse Air & Ground Deliveries - While your same day delivery company may be able to fly your order from one airport to the next, that won’t do you much good if you have no way of getting it to the first airport in time. Only a personal delivery service that combines both air and freight solutions can reliably complete every leg of your delivery within the same day.
  • Deal with Delays - Besides having a Plan A for each leg of your shipment, carriers must know what to do if your order encounters a delay. This involves planning out your route ahead of time and identifying alternatives if a road is closed or your plane misses a connecting flight. It also means tracking your order throughout the journey so they can switch to these alternative routes as soon as Plan A fails.
  • Ship Safely - Even if a same day delivery company can reliably ship your personal orders on time, this will only benefit you if the item arrives intact. Your shipper must include specialized storage equipment on all their trucks and make sure the drivers do their jobs safely. They also need to vet every airline that they work with in detail.

PersonalDeliveryService.com takes all of these precautions and more for each of our clients. With more than a decade of experience filling personal orders across North America, we know exactly how to get your shipments to their destinations safely and swiftly. No matter where you’re shipping to, you can count on us to take care of the order and keep your clients happy.

Personal Delivery Services to Ensure Quality Results

PersonalDeliveryService.com leaves nothing to chance when shipping personal orders. We provide:

  • A single point of contact for you to call for all your customer service needs before, during, and after deliveries
  • An array of critical service experts who know specifically how your fragile, perishable, and other critical goods must be stored
  • A fusion of air and ground delivery services to ensure that no part of your journey cannot be completed successfully
  • Experience scheduling delivery services under ordinary shipping conditions as well as chartering new cargo flights when scheduled ones won’t do
  • Pricing organized into multiple tiers so that you can consider your options and choose the package that fits your budget
  • A selection of premium service options to meet your most unique and challenging personal delivery service needs

Continental Coverage & Skilled Staff to Ensure Successful Shipping

Personal Delivery Service Of all the elements that contribute to our shipments, our massive coverage network is one of the most important. PersonalDeliveryService.com has coverage and personnel in provinces and states all over Canada and the United States. This is invaluable for businesses with multiple facilities across the continent, as it means that you will be able to ship out orders from any one of your facilities at a moment’s notice.

Even if you only have one location, our network is still valuable for making sure your order gets to its destination without delay. If a truck breaks down on the way, you can count on us to have another vehicle nearby to take over. Likewise, if your air order misses a connecting flight, we will have personnel in the area who can schedule or charter another one.

As important as our coverage network is to our shipping strategy, it pails in comparison to our employees. PersonalDeliveryService.com carefully evaluates every potential member of our staff, only hiring those with the skills and character to do the job well. As a result, we can guarantee that our drivers will operate each vehicle safely and responsibly, our driver support staff will guide them to their destinations, and our customer support team will serve you effectively and courteously.

Don’t leave your personal deliveries and other critical shipments to chance. For more information on our personal delivery services or to request a free quote for your company, visit our website today or call (800) 632-1505.