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Same Day Delivery

Same Day Delivery

We bring Same Day Delivery solutions by ground or air for B2B freight 24/7/365. 

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Same Day Trucking

Same Day Trucking

Nationwide Same Day Trucking services to handle your urgent shipments professionally. 

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Same Day Air Charter

Same Day Air Charter

For the most urgent shipments depend on Same Day Air Charter services & expertise. 

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Same Day Air

Same Day Air

Our Same Day Air Services allow you to move freight nationwide rapidly. 

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Expedited Freight

Expedited Freight

Our expertise with Expedited Freight is unsurpassed, partner with us today. 

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Hot Shot Trucking

Hot Shot Trucking

Via dedicated vans and trucks our Hot Shot Trucking services are ready to help. 

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About Same Day Delivery

About Same Day Delivery

Every day the speed of business is increasing. The demands for faster production, faster processing and faster performance never stop and continue escalating like never before.

That’s why you need a shipping logistics partner who can keep up and keep you ahead of the game – and that partner is SameDayDelivery.com.

As a world-class same day delivery company, SameDayDelivery.com has the experience, expertise and effectiveness to get your freight wherever you need it – TODAY!

Certainly there are extreme challenges in the same-day delivery space. Timing is critical, but so are your business needs and requirements. SameDayDelivery.com meets those challenging deadlines and delivers your freight with logistical excellence, not excuses. Not every shipment is the same, but regardless of its size, shape or destination, you’ll get the same outstanding service and support from SameDayDelivery.com every time. 

You can trust and depend on SameDayDelivery.com to handle all of your time sensitive shipping safely and securely. Here’s why:

  • Stability - You’ll work with the same experienced same day delivery expediter from start to finish, whether it is the status of your shipment, changing shipping instructions mid-delivery or getting pricing options. You won’t have to explain who you are, why you’re calling, or what your shipment is. Nothing undermines customer confidence faster than getting passed from person to person just to get help or information about a shipment. Your freight is important to you, so it’s important to us, 24/7/365.
  • Safety - The safety of your freight and the safety of our drivers – including those sharing the road with them – is our top priority. If your cargo gets there on time but is damaged and unusable, we didn’t do our job and have impacted yours. All of our drivers are thoroughly vetted for safe performance and trained to use the proper equipment to secure any load. For freight going by ground, we’ll even send two person driving teams on longer routes to keep your shipment moving and our drivers rested and safe.
  • Speed - For same day delivery, every second counts. As soon as your dedicated expeditor understands your shipping requirements, we’re dispatching a vehicle to pick up your freight. We’ll get it on the road or headed to the airport – even while you’re still on the phone! Every day, SameDayDelivery.com ensures the successful delivery of urgent same day and overnight freight deliveries at their destination, regardless of location, size or time constraints. If we were any faster, your freight would get there yesterday! Decades of same day trucking and air charter experience are the foundation of our results. All same day shipments are delivered on dedicated vehicles that handle only your freight, ensuring no damage or connection issues impact your same day delivery. Our team of expeditors evaluates your same day delivery needs and matches your freight to the ideal transportation option, whether by ground or air.

Our valued clients include

Solomon Corporation Coldwell Banker Motion Industries Envirocon Acclaro

Our Services

Same Day Delivery Services

We specialize in the urgent ground or air shipment of commercial freight, typically within the business-to-business market. We're experts in palletized freight or industrial parts which we match to a dedicated local vehicle.

Our services enable you to express ship your cargo to any destination, whether you need to keep a production line operational, or a supplier in stock across the state or across the country.

From major metropolitan areas to the middle of nowhere, we are typically able to dispatch a vehicle within minutes of your call to help you meet those critical deadlines.

Call (800) 713-1000

Same Day Delivery by Air

Scheduled Flights

Scheduled Flights

This type of same day delivery involves reserving space on a flight that travels regularly between two destinations and carries cargo for multiple customers.

If you are making long-term plans for your company, scheduling same day air services ensures that you will have regular access to critical freight from any starting point.

Scheduled flights are economical, predictable, and use both commercial passenger and freighter aircraft from major airlines at most airports across the country. If your shipping timeline is too compressed or unpredictable to wait for scheduled air service, you still have options.

Charter Flights

Air charter service has many advantages for your most urgent same day air freight. Our charter specialists analyze routes, payloads and flight schedules in order to find the most suitable cargo aircraft for your requirements. We'll match the ideal same day air charter option to your specific needs.

With so many aircraft available for dedicated carrier charter work, we are comfortable filling everything from a Cessna 406 to a Boeing 747-400F freighter. Depending on your freight’s final destination it may fly on more than one type to get there, first landing at a major airport on a long-haul aircraft and from there heading out on a local short-haul charter. While this arrangement isn’t ideal for regular deliveries, it is one of the most effective ways to solve a shipping crisis.

With a SameDayDelivery.com air freight charter you get:

  • Exclusive use of an aircraft optimized to meet your shipment’s needs. We use our industry expertise to match your shipment to the rightsized aircraft, including short, medium and long-haul types.
  • The fastest delivery possible. Sending your freight by air charter is the quickest same day air shipment method available.
  • Remote origin and/or destination capability. Dirt airstrip or no airstrip the only way in or out? Many of our aircraft can easily handle rugged conditions with little or no support infrastructure necessary. Through SameDayDelivery.com’s global network, we can ship to and from anywhere on the planet.
  • Complete shipment flexibility. Your freight may start at a major airport hub but end its journey on a grass field. With virtually no limitations on shipment size, we handle all of those transition details seamlessly so you don’t have to.
  • In-flight tracking. You’ll know where your freight is – always, at all times.

There are many scenarios that call for air charter freight services. It could be a special event proceeding as planned or keeping production at full capacity in a remote location. At SameDayDelivery.com, you can always rely on our team of charter experts to move any air freight shipment - including oversized cargo, high-value cargo and more. Depend on us to find the most appropriate solution via our extensive charter network and 24/7/365 operations.

Don’t need to ship by air? SameDayDelivery.com handles that too.

Same Day Delivery by Ground

SameDayDelivery.com provides the same outstanding performance, coordinated logistics, tracking and customer service for its ground transportation as it does for its same day air cargo services.

With over 50,000 traceable express delivery vehicles ready to go nationwide, going by ground doesn’t mean going slow or flying blind. From cargo and Sprinter vans to large straight trucks, a customized ground solution with dedicated trucking for your freight is just a call or click away.

We offer services to destinations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico:

  • This includes palletized and containerized product, bulk liquid management, or temperature-controlled distribution.
  • Special equipment is available to provide you expedited trucking with a full range of commodity transport options, including: flat beds, refrigerated units, roller beds and step decks.
  • Vehicle freight payload capacities can range anywhere from 2,000 to 44,000 pounds, with decks, doors and beds to accommodate almost any sized freight.

Two factors will determine if same day delivery by ground transportation will work for you: how early you call, and how far the shipment is going. If these align, your expeditor will dispatch either a courier to take your freight, or a two-man driver team ready for a non-stop drive. Your goods will be the only cargo on the truck. You won't have to worry about time-consuming stops to pick up and discharge other shipments, not when every minute counts.

Call (800) 713-1000

Ready to Go!


SameDayDelivery.com has the reach, response time and resources to be your provider of same day air and ground transportation services. Through our extensive capabilities, you can depend on SameDayDelivery.com to handle your expedited freight requirements. By using the logistics fundamentals of proactive planning, comprehensive tracking, reliable partners and pervasive teamwork we make your emergency shipments our business as usual.

Choosing the right same day shipping partner is a critical business decision. With Samedaydelivery.com, experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes from an expert delivery plan and working with a dedicated expeditor from start to finish. For more information, contact us today at (800) 713-1000. We look forward to working with you as your complete logistics provider partner!

Founded in 2007 by Dan Boaz as part of the Expedited Freight Company and AirFreight.com, SameDayDelivery.com began changing the transportation landscape by using the Internet and other advanced tracking technologies to increase customer confidence, convenience and quality. The Expedited Group of Companies are privately held with corporate offices located in Newport Beach, California.


Columbus Farm

Wow is all I can say! Found you through Google. Filled out the online request and received a PROMPT reply. The quote was received quickly. We were able to book with you faster than we had anticipated. BOL was also provided - saving us time and hassle. And the shipment status was relayed to us throughout its journey. The pick up driver was courteous and the custom van was rigged to slide a palletized shipment in effortlessly! And talk about good old fashioned customer service — it is alive and well with your employees! Thank you Chris Noe!!! You are the BOMB! I know who we will call if we ever need a "hot shot" shipment service again! Thank you for having your "act" together with your service!

Columbus Fan & Machine Corp.

Sun Maid Same Day Delivery

Wonderful experience  Kevin Carpenter is a fabulous customer service rep. We needed the services for an URGENT IMMEDIATE SITUATION. He and his team jumped right on it and got everything taken care of very quickly and so professionally. We made our deadline time even with lots of hiccups on the pickup location and they still came through. I would recommend this company to anyone. 

Lisa Carter Sun-Maid Growers of California

Van Der Graaf Same Day Delivery

We used AirFreight for the first time for an emergency delivery. I called at 4:30pm to get pricing info and see how the process worked, and my package was picked up by 6:15pm! Kevin was a great help in getting everything coordinated. Package was delivered on time! Great experience and we will definitely use AirFreight again.

Van der Graaf

Thomson Same Day Delivery

I had an emergency shipment that needed a non-stop hot shot delivery run from Texas to California and they were able to get it picked up from the warehouse within one hour of me calling. I worked with Justin P., and received great service and communication, and these guys are awesome in a rush. Everything went smoothly and delivery was made right on time. Would recommend!

Thomson Air Conditioning

Thomson Same Day Delivery

Bryan Bereziuk is awesome! It has been great working with Bryan and the AirFreight team. Always available and always ready to help. Trucking 3,200 miles from West coast to East coast in 3 days is only possible with AirFreight services. I recommend it to one and all!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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We have the “Best” Same Day Delivery capacity and Expedited Carriers to provide exceptional services to customers across North America. Our independent agents enjoy the administrative, sales and technological support of a financially secure industry leader, along with the freedom that comes with having your own agency.

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