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With a metro area population of just over 5.5 million Atlanta boasts the ninth largest metro population in the USA and is an important trucking and transporation hub for the southeast. In addition, Atlanta is the 12th fastest growing city in the country and as such the demands on the transportation infrastructure of the region continue to build.

The good news for same day trucking of freight and all general trucking is that the city has launched new construction projects that should help reduce congestion and bottlenecks significantly in the future as the first stages of an $834 million toll road with reversible express lanes are underway. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the first phase to the NW of the city in Cherokee and Cobb counties is on target for completion in the summer of 2018.

Same Day Delivery AtlantaThis section features thirty miles of new express roadways on I-75 and I-575 including 39 bridges. The reversible lanes are the biggest gain allowing lane access to be increased in keeping with the respective rush hour commutes. Meanwhile on the other side of town a twelve-mile stretch of I-75 to the south of downtown is adding the reversible lane features with completion expected just prior to the project mentioned above.

For same day delivery traffic it should greatly reduce bottleneck points and overall congestion around the metropolitan area as cars are expected to flock to the express lanes via the city's existing toll card program the Peach Pass.In an innovative move, the toll pricing will be in part contingent on the actual traffic volume at the time.

Georgia lawmakers passed a $1 billion transportation plan earlier this year, directing funds to road and bridge construction and the Atlanta projects are a large part of keeping the state's traffic moving to help trucking and commerce in general. Reversible lanes are likely to be one of the most used urban highway procedures in the coming decades due to space constraints and the positive impact they have on reducing congestion points.

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