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With so much investment, development, reinvention and sheer competition in the same day delivery arena for online retailers it was only a matter of time before one of the big players folded their cards and it has turned out to be eBay, for the time being at least. The headlines this year when it comes to same day delivery services have been dominated by Amazon.com and in the week after Amazon revealed far better than expected profits it turns out that eBay are halting their own same day delivery service, eBay Now, by the end of the week.

Same Day Delivery EbayWhether this is a permanent step or the company are rethinking their same day strategy remains to be seen but the rumors of this change of plan were swirling throughout the industry at the same time as Amazon appear to be going from strength to strength within the on-demand delivery market for retail. eBay were offering same day services in Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas and New York including a vaunted new program in Brooklyn that launched just eight months ago but for now everything is on hold.

According to CNET, an eBay spokeswoman said in an interview;

"the company has walked away from the delivery services after finding that same-day deliveries made more sense for items that customers would need quickly than for many of eBay's main offerings, such as collectibles, antiques, and used items. Also, the logistics of offering deliveries from its network of sellers -- many of whom sell from their homes -- proved difficult"

An additional factor according to sources was that there was growing confusion amongst customers as to which eBay app should be used for which purpose and type of order. The change of plans about same day delivery is one of a number of adjustments that eBay are facing this year including the recent split from PayPal. With news that Amazon sales are booming and that new contender Jet.com has huge ambitions within the online marketplace it's likely that eBay will take some time to consolidate the remainder of this year.


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