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same-day-delivery-seattle-deliv-logo1The number of companies looking to add same day delivery services to their arsenal continues to expand, much of this driven by a demand for urgent deliveries of purchases but critically also within the business-to-business sector. In an economy that is finding its feet companies and consumers aren't in the business of waiting for deliveries or accepting late ones. Couple this with the fact that a new report shows consumer confidence has reached a seven year high this month suggests the addition of new expedited delivery services could well be a trend that's set to continue.


In Seattle a new startup called Deliv is partnering with various retailers in shopping malls to provide same day delivery service in the area. The company is also unrolling immediate plans to provide services in Houston, Washington DC and the urban corridor of Northern New Jersey. The service is designed for online shoppers as you would expect but also provides a unique twist by allowing those shopping in the mall to ship their purchases/gifts to a local address for delivery that day.


How well the business model is going to work remains to be seen as Deliv charges retailers a set $5 fee for same day delivery of single or multiple items to the same address, adding to a crowded same day field in Seattle that also includes major retailer Nordstrom. Retailers and the Deliv CEO both state that it is consumer demand for efficiency and near instant delivery that is driving the market as opposed to adding a service that they hope their customers will gradually adopt over time.


Studies show that online consumers are most driven by price which is a given but the second biggest issue is the guaranteed delivery window, those that shop online are more likely to make a purchase from a business that guarantees delivery on a specific date rather than within a certain number of days. Retailers and same day delivery companies are projecting that the next logical step will be for companies that can provide and reliably guarantee same day delivery services to win the spending power of more consumers and businesses alike.


In an aggressive expansion plan Deliv is initially providing Seattle services within Alderwood Mall, Northgate, and Southcenter and has plans to expand to eight cities in total by the end of the year.

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