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starbucks-same-day-deliveryAt present much of the same day delivery news is consumer-driven with products/purchases getting urgently shipped around town to specific zip codes however I'm not convinced that there's a strong need for the forthcoming addition of Starbucks same day delivery services. After all isn't one of the reasons we enjoy dropping in for a hot cup of coffee the fact it's piping hot when the barista hands it to us, or an iced coffee drink not being watered down by the time it reaches our hands.


Starbucks is seeing a lot of success with their mobile app and are rolling out a same delivery service in some select cities. It's not a surprise to learn that their app for advance orders making your drinks ready to pick up when you arrive at your local branch is proving popular but I wonder how many people will pay for a coffee same day delivery service. In fact I've got a lot of questions.


  • Will people forego their Wi-Fi infused coffee-shop culture and the chance to escape the office for the convenience of having their beverage delivered?
  • Will temperature sensitive drinks prove as popular when transported across the muggy streets of New York in August or a freezing January morning in Chicago?
  • Do you really want to double the price of your five dollar cup of coffee?
  • Do you have to tip more than you would in house?
  • Will they still spell our name incorrectly on the cups?


The pricing threshold has yet to be established but insiders expect that a benchmark around $5 per delivery is being targeted and naturally there will be very specific delivery zones. In many cities that I've visited there seems to be a Starbucks on almost every corner so again I'm not convinced about the inherent value of urgent delivery service.


It's been announced that same day delivery guinea pig city for Starbucks will be Portland, Oregon with service expected to start in about a month's time. We'll probably know soon after that whether the idea is going to be replicated in other high-density cities or quietly shelved.


Meanwhile if your business needs something more important than coffee urgently delivered (yes, there are more important things) then please contact us to help you out. We know that In general same day delivery brings the most value to companies that need urgent parts, supplies or inventory delivered to their workplace as urgently as possible to ensure that business operations aren't interrupted and your profitability impacted.


That's exactly what we specialize in at SameDayDelivery.com ensuring critical parts, equipment or goods are rushed to you the same day or overnight whether it's across the city, county or even out of state. With our same day air services we can even assist with more difficult logistics and get vital shipments delivered across the country.

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