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The Fast Lane To Fort Lauderdale: A Same Day Delivery Company Fort Lauderdale Can Count On.

Located on the coast just 25 miles north of Miami, Fort Lauderdale is one of the most robust economies in all of Florida. Perhaps appropriately for somewhere with a reputation for seaside fun, Fort Lauderdale has a major yacht manufacturing and maintenance industry, producing and repairing thousands of luxury boats each year. Besides yachts, Fort Lauderdale companies manufacture a cornucopia of other products, including pharmaceuticals, capacitors, and beer, to name just a few. 

Same Day Delivery Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Same Day Delivery Fort Lauderdale Having such a wide variety of industries makes Fort Lauderdale a steady source of jobs and wealth. But it also creates logistical headaches, especially given the town’s location in a region as dense as southern Florida.

SameDayDelivery.com is no stranger to density, and has no problem navigating through it. As a same day delivery service Fort Lauderdale has long counted on, we’ve seen our fair share of logistical mishaps, and always know how to fix a tough shipping situation.

We offer emergency air and ground freight services to companies seeking to return to business as usual after something goes wrong with their supply line. By acting quickly and coordinating carefully, we can bring in your order from any location on the continent in no more than a day, allowing your company to stay on track.

Same Day Air Fort Lauderdale
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To make sure these communities have everything they need, we’ve come up with a surefire same day delivery strategy, which involves:

  • Dedicated Trucking— The typical shipping company carries lots of different clients’ products on a single truck, and thus has to take lots of detours before that truck’s work is done. Not us. We reserve a truck for each client we’re serving throughout that shipment. When we assign you a truck, we guarantee that truck won’t touch anyone else’s goods until you have everything you need. To ensure that you’re not paying for space you won’t use, we match the truck ahead of time as closely as possible to the volume of your order. You can thus rest assured that we’ll take the most direct route to your Fort Lauderdale destination, and that we won’t be thinking of any goods except for yours.
  • Team Driving— Just as we dedicate a vehicle to carrying your items, we dedicate drivers to that vehicle— specifically, two drivers. Except on the shortest of routes, we do not allow a lone driver to handle your order. This is important for the safety of our driving team— if one driver has to make the whole same day delivery by themselves, there’s a risk they’ll tire out and won’t be able to operate the truck safely. But it also affects the speed of the delivery. If you place an order late in the afternoon, a lone driver will only be able to transport it so far before they stop to rest. But two drivers can switch evenly between resting and working, so that both are fully rested but they never need to stop. We thus drive day and night, ensuring that you get your goods in no more than 24 hours.
  • Networked Trucking— Clients who order from more remote locations often feel like same day delivery services won’t be able to accommodate them. But that’s not true for SameDayDelivery.com. Our trucks are stationed in every major metro area in North America. This means that no matter how far out of the way your starting point is, we’ll be able to reach it, typically in no more than two hours. This allows us to load your items more quickly and head directly for Fort Lauderdale, virtually guaranteeing a successful same day shipment.
  • Air Coordination— To fully guarantee same day shipping success, we don’t rely exclusively on trucks. Instead, we supplement our ground freight services with air cargo deliveries. We have close connections with each major cargo airline on the continent, and know their schedules by heart. If you need a same day delivery over thousands of miles, we’ll find the closest airport and schedule you a spot on the next flight, or set of connecting flights, to Fort Lauderdale. And if no flight is scheduled on your timetable, we’ll charter a new flight that is dedicated to your needs. One way or another, we’ll make sure your items reach Fort Lauderdale on or ahead of schedule.
  • Planned Deliveries— While SameDayDelivery.com acts quickly, we still take the time to plan your route out in as much detail as possible. We compare each set of roads or air routes that connect your starting point to Fort Lauderdale, and balance them against each other based on a number of factors. Among those factors are the physical length of the route; the maximum legal speed; the likelihood of traffic jams; the frequency of harsh weather; and the quality of the pavement. By accounting for all of these considerations, we’re able to choose a route that is not just quick, but also reliable. In this way, we keep delays to a minimum while providing consistently swift services.
  • Tracked Orders— While your truck or plane is on its way, we follow along using the latest in order tracking technology. Tracking your order means that we can give you an update on its location whenever you ask for one. But even more importantly, it allows us to respond quickly if something doesn’t go according to plan. Should a key road be closed or a storm ground your connecting flight, we’ll know about it as soon as it happens, and will direct your order onto a different road or schedule it space on a different connection. We keep your items moving, no matter what.

SameDayDelivery.com | Fort Lauderdale, FL

Same Day Delivery Fort Lauderdale, Florida SameDayDelivery.com has more then a decade of experience serving Fort Lauderdale, as well as other Broward County communities like Davie, Miramar, Hollywood, and Pembroke Pines.

With SameDayDelivery.com on your side, your business is insulated against even the worst logistical problems. To learn more about our Fort Lauderdale services, call us today.

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