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Lightning Speed Lexington Service: A Same Day Delivery Company Lexington Knows It Can Turn To.

With a local population of 300,000 and a metropolitan population of half a million, Lexington is the largest city in Kentucky after Louisville. The town has one of the highest education rates in the United States, with a college graduation rate of nearly 40%. This strong set of skills, when combined with the town’s quality infrastructure and choice location, have turned Lexington into a major economic hub. Numerous advanced manufacturers have facilities here, including Lockheed Martin, Lexmark International, and Toyota Motor Manufacturing. The result is a steady base of jobs and wealth for the local population, which keeps all of the Commonwealth moving forward.

Same Day Delivery Lexington, Kentucky

Same Day Delivery Lexington, Kentucky

While having so many manufacturers in one place is a huge benefit, it comes with its share of headaches. Such companies rely on a host of rare and expensive supplies from distant locations. These supplies can be blocked off or delayed with little notice, leading to a sudden crisis for local companies that cannot wait to be fixed. SameDayDelivery.com is adept at solving such crises.

When your supply line gets disrupted, it’s common to feel like you don’t have a lot of good options. Tight schedules often mean that your company can’t just wait for the problem to resolve itself, but instead needs to find an alternative source of supplies, and fast. SameDayDelivery.com prides itself on quick resolutions for supply problems. Serving Lexington, Frankfort, Berea, Georgetown, and myriad other communities across eastern Kentucky, we have a shipping strategy perfectly suited to achieving quick deliveries on short notice.

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Our strategy involves:

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  • An Omnipresent Fleet— Rather than drive out to each new starting point as we receive the order, SameDayDelivery.com has trucks ready to go near that starting point, no matter where it is. We achieve this by placing trucks and vans in strategic locations all over the continent. Whether you’re shipping from Mexico, Canada, or any part of the United States, we can quickly identify a truck in our network that’s less than two hours away from your supplies. We dispatch that truck immediately, loading your goods in little time and getting right on the road to Lexington. With so many trucks in accessible locations, we’re able to skip much of the lag time that slows down many shipping services. The result is swift, flexible shipping the moment you request it.
  • Dedicated Services— When choosing one of these omnipresent vehicles to ship your items, we don’t assign that vehicle to serve other clients in the area at the same time. Instead, we instruct the drivers to carry only your goods. This bolsters our speed and flexibility by ensuring that we can take the most direct route to your Lexington destination instead of having to plot a circuitous route with lots of detours. And to make sure that dedicated shipping doesn’t lead you to pay for unused space, we choose the vehicle based on the volume of your order, carefully matching the two as closely as possible. This leads to swift, efficient shipping for all our customers.
  • Team Solutions— SameDayDelivery.com has built a culture of teamwork, and that culture extends behind the wheel. Instead of sending our drivers out one at a time, we send them in pairs for longer deliveries. Each driver knows that they must back up the other and will in turn be backed up by them. Thus, when one driver has been behind the wheel for many hours and is feeling tired, they can switch with the other and get some rest. This strategy ensures that our drivers are fully rested and alert whenever they’re operating a vehicle. It also means we don’t have to stop our trucks overnight, and thus that if you place an order late in the day, you’ll still be able to get it within 24 hours.
  • Air Achievements— Besides offering trucking services, SameDayDelivery.com coordinates air deliveries for clients who need to ship across thousands of miles in the same day. We have close connections to airlines up and down the continent and can easily access their schedules when we need to make a shipment. We’ll find the soonest flight departing your starting point and landing in Lexington, or if a single flight doesn’t do that, we’ll string together a chain of connecting flights that does. We’ll then use our trucks to transport your goods to the airport where your flight is departing, and send another truck to the airport where it’s landing to pick up your goods and bring them the rest of the way. And if scheduled flights don’t solve your problem, we’ll charter a new flight for you alone, guaranteeing same day deliveries no matter what air routes you depend on.
  • Professional Planning— When we make an air or ground delivery, we don’t just pick the shortest route on paper and hope for the best. Instead, we come up with a comprehensive plan to make sure your shipment faces a minimal risk of delays. We compare weather forecasts, traffic patterns, road quality reports, airline cancellation policies, and a host of other data that help us predict where delays are likely to happen. We then send your order on a route that combines the best of all worlds. But we keep alternative routes in mind in case something goes wrong with the one we chose. Using advanced tracking equipment, we can keep an eye on your items while they’re in transit. If anything gets in their way, we’ll work quickly to get them on an alternate route and save the situation.

SameDayDelivery.com | Lexington, KY

Same Day Delivery Lexington As a same day delivery service Lexington depends on, we have the resources to ship any product into the city within 24 hours. No matter how late you make the request, we’ll be prepared to fill it without hesitation.

SameDayDelivery.com is committed to meeting your shipping needs, whatever they may be. For more information on our same day delivery Lexington solutions or to get a free quote, call now.

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