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The growing number of companies leaping into the same day delivery fray suggests that retailers specifically are worried about missing out on a piece of the consumer interest if the current ceiling for same day carrier options is higher than expected. There's every chance that the battle will see some services come and go and the deciding factor will most likely rest with the consumer adoption rates from city to city. Department store Macy's are the latest to launch a same day delivery option so we'll keep an eye on their overall expansion.

Macy's currently operate almost 800 locations and are launching the same day option initially in eight cities nationwide, they might quietly look towards eBay as a benchmark for growth who confirmed recently that same day options will fall short of the planned expansion to 25 US cities by the close of 2014.

The Macy's program allows customers to receive purchases made before 1pm the same day and also select a preferred two-hour window for the delivery. As for cost the introductory rate is a flat fee of $5 if the online purchase exceeds $100, for purchases under this threshold a standard rate of $14.99 will apply. The introductory markets for Macy's include Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Houston, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Washington, D.C. and while specific launch dates are yet to be confirmed for all markets the goal is to have them all operational before the holidays, common sense suggests it will be before the end of this month in most if not all.

"Our goal remains to help our customers shop whenever, wherever and however they prefer, and to use the entire inventory of the company to satisfy demand," Macy's CEO Terry J. Lundgren said in a statement.

 According to a Macy's spokesperson when asked more about the program they replied that same day delivery was currently in a 'test phase'. It remains to be seen just how strong the public appetite is for same day delivery overall and this holiday season certainly seems to be a test market for many in 2014. Delivery logistics are another consideration with a recent report stating that Amazon.com are considering using taxis in New York City for same day delivery fulfillment in certain situations.

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