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Same day delivery service....to the trunk of your car?

By Dan Boaz | Apr 24, 2015

We thought our last post about same day delivery via underground pipes seemed rather radical, but a new pilot scheme from Amazon being trialed in Germany may be equally surprising. Amazon are launching a very limited program for Amazon Prime customers where deliveries can be made to the trunk of your car.

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Instacart's same day delivery for groceries set to expand and compete in 2015

By Dan Boaz | Jan 2, 2015

The arrival of 2015 sets up the next chapter in the continuing rise of same day delivery services across the nation. While our services primarily focus on business-to-business same day delivery for urgent supplies, equipment, parts or inventory we watch with interest what's happening elsewhere in the industry.

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eBay launch same day delivery services for Brooklyn with numerous smaller retailers

By Tim Merrick | Dec 18, 2014

More same day delivery news emanating from the eBay camp this week concerning the expansion of same day services in Brooklyn, New York. On the heels of the recent announcement that eBay have removed their same day app from mobile devices it presents an unexpected about face in terms of the company's objectives in the same day delivery field.

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Are Amazon soon to take their same day delivery options global?

By Tim Merrick | Dec 12, 2014

Speculation that Amazon is looking to ramp up their same day delivery services not just in the USA but internationally ratcheted up to a higher level this week. Research and news reports from outlets such as CNET and Business Insider both point to a recruitment drive seeking same day delivery experts being conducted by the giant online retailer.

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Is same day delivery emphasis by retailers matching customer priorities this holiday season?

By Tim Merrick | Dec 7, 2014

Same Day Delivery options remain firmly in the news as just under three weeks remain until Christmas in what promises to be the busiest year yet for online retailers. Some analysts are predicting that for the U.S. this will be the year where online shopping totals exceed traditional bricks and mortar retailing for the first time ever and those who have added same day delivery choices look to secure a piece of that growing trend.

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