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Commercial van sales improved 14.3% in 2014

By Tim Merrick | Jan 13, 2015

The growing economy, less expensive gas and a steady rise in the demand for delivered goods and equipment via traditional methods and same day delivery has seen impressive sales for new vehicles in general and also in commercial vehicles. While many of the leading automakers are reporting sales running at rates that are between 10-20% higher than a year ago (and in some cases even above that) we’re also seeing sales of trucks and commercial vans reporting very similar increases.

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Same Day Delivery services came of age in 2014

By Tim Merrick | Jan 6, 2015

With the 2014 holiday season now officially over and the nation getting back to normal work routines it's an ideal time to begin to take stock of the huge impact that same day delivery had on the nation's consumers and sellers last month. 2014 was clearly the year that the migration to same day delivery services took flight whether it be business-to-business same day delivery or the rapidly expanding retailer (particularly online etailers) to customer market.

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Seasonal demand for next day and same day delivery leads to staffing and vehicle challenges

By Dan Boaz | Dec 24, 2014

The holiday season in 2014 looks extremely likely to set new records for rush package deliveries across the United States. Every December brings the industry to its summit in terms of capacity and the growing dependency on online retailers who can offer next and same day delivery options continues to see the overall demand swell.

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Are Amazon soon to take their same day delivery options global?

By Tim Merrick | Dec 12, 2014

Speculation that Amazon is looking to ramp up their same day delivery services not just in the USA but internationally ratcheted up to a higher level this week. Research and news reports from outlets such as CNET and Business Insider both point to a recruitment drive seeking same day delivery experts being conducted by the giant online retailer.

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Is same day delivery emphasis by retailers matching customer priorities this holiday season?

By Tim Merrick | Dec 7, 2014

Same Day Delivery options remain firmly in the news as just under three weeks remain until Christmas in what promises to be the busiest year yet for online retailers. Some analysts are predicting that for the U.S. this will be the year where online shopping totals exceed traditional bricks and mortar retailing for the first time ever and those who have added same day delivery choices look to secure a piece of that growing trend.

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Could electric vans and drones be the future of same day delivery?

By Tim Merrick | Nov 10, 2014

As the price of fuel continues to fall there seems to have been a similar decrease in the amount of articles about environmentally-friendly vehicles and 'green transportation'. That's most likely short-sighted as although we're currently paying the lowest amount at the pumps since 2010 I'd wager that the long term trend will continue to see fuel remain far more expensive than in years gone by. In the world of urgent freight, same day delivery and next day shipping most vehicles are not at the pinnacle of fuel efficiency but there is a push to try and change that coming out of Cincinnati courtesy of AMP Electric Vehicles.

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