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Same Day Delivery demand sees giant commitment between Mercedes-Benz and Amazon.com

By Dan Boaz | Sep 17, 2018

The huge demand for same day delivery services continues to rise nationwide and hot on the heels of that Mercedes Benz, a key manufacturer of sprinter vans, have opened their new Sprinter plant.

Ostensibly fueled by a confirmed order of 20,000 vans from Amazon the commitment underlines the rapid rise in Same Day Delivery demands from the eCommerce giant in addition to the sector as a whole.

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Hyundai explore fuel cell powered commercial vans

By Dan Boaz | Sep 23, 2016

At Same Day Delivery, sprinter vans play an important role in the rapid delivery of your most urgent freight from city to city and state to state. In the future we wait to see whether alternate fuel vans can compete in this market with traditional gasoline powered vehicles.

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Best Buy rolls out wider Same Day Delivery options via Deliv

By Dan Boaz | Apr 8, 2016

The same day delivery market for retailers continues to heat up and become more crowded with new that the giant electronics specialist Best Buy has expanded same day shipping options to now cover 13 key U.S. metropolitan markets. As we've seen with many recent same day delivery partnerships, Best Buy selected Deliv to provide their local delivery options.

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Same Day Delivery startup Deliv receives investment from UPS

By Dan Boaz | Mar 15, 2016

Regular readers of the Same Day Delivery blog will know that we've had good cause to write about 'Deliv' a number of times in the past. Deliv are a startup same day delivery company and now a well-regarded partner on a number of retail to consumer same day projects. Their latest round of funding sees a stake of $28 million in new investment including a portion from UPS, specifically the UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund.

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Same Day Delivery services more important than ever to consumers and businesses

By Dan Boaz | Dec 17, 2015

A new study published by Connexity reveals that same day delivery services are one of the most important considerations for a potential customer. While the study focuses on eCommerce same day services we know that reliable same day shipping is an integral component in running a business today. Let's take a look at some of the findings in the recently published report.

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Apple launches same day delivery services in the Big Apple

By Dan Boaz | Nov 19, 2015

The market for same day delivery services in New York City now has another competitor added just in time for the holiday season with news that the Apple Store has added same day services via courier for the majority of the city. Until now Apple had only been experimenting with same day delivery on a very limited basis in the San Francisco Bay Area but only for a limited number of zip codes.

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Deliv raises the same day delivery stakes with new acquisition

By Dan Boaz | Nov 12, 2015

The race to corner the retail same day delivery market continues to gather pace with last mile delivery company Deliv announcing this week that they have purchased New York City's Zipments - the leading provider of same day services in that city.

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Best Buy the latest retailer to test Same Day Delivery services

By Dan Boaz | Nov 4, 2015

The same day delivery race for retailers is accelerating unabated with the news that Best Buy are the latest large chain to lay out plans to experiment with same day shipping services. Compared with Target and Macy's the addition of Best Buy will be an interesting one to watch as much of their inventory consists of larger items and they sell a more specific product line, electronics, than their competition.

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Will Uber Rush reinvent retail same day delivery?

By Dan Boaz | Oct 29, 2015

Same Day Delivery services for retailers in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago may be looking at a major change with the addition of Uber Rush. Throughout this year, it has been rumored that Uber is experimenting with more wide-scale local same day delivery options that would target both retailers and the public at large.

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Kohl's leap into same day delivery market to be supported by Deliv

By Dan Boaz | Oct 14, 2015

As we've predicted a number of times on the same day delivery blog, this year has become the real-time testing market for retail same day delivery services with the competition still ramping up to secure their piece of the growing consumer demand for same day services. Nationwide retailer Kohl's is the latest to add same day delivery services in a move that appears to be mostly in response to the ongoing growth by Macy's in this exact field.

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Driver shortage grows for trucking and same day delivery sector

By Dan Boaz | Oct 7, 2015

While 2015 has been a strong year so far for the nationwide trucking sector, the lack of drivers for same day freight and freight loads in general, remains an ongoing concern. Per the most recent U.S. Employment Outlook for September nationally, the transportation sector has just over 350,000 open jobs with about 80% of those for truck drivers.

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Canada's Shop.ca may launch drone same day delivery service before Amazon

By Dan Boaz | Sep 17, 2015

While the focus on the eventual arrival of drones being used regular same day delivery services has been on Amazon.com and the testing regulations and approval by the FAA it may be Canada that offers the first regular glimpse of drone delivery. In what would provide an unexpected turn in the rush to provide

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Macy's push giant expansion of same day delivery services using retail locations as local distribution centers

By Dan Boaz | Aug 7, 2015

Hot on the heels of the recent news that eBay are withdrawing from the same day delivery market comes word that amongst large retailers it looks like Macy's Inc. are positioning themselves to compete in multiple markets

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eBay withdraw Same Day Delivery services

By Dan Boaz | Jul 28, 2015

With so much investment, development, reinvention and sheer competition in the same day delivery arena for online retailers it was only a matter of time before one of the big players folded their cards and it has turned out to be eBay, for the time being at least. The headlines this year

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Atlanta highway improvements will benefit same day delivery services

By Dan Boaz | Jul 14, 2015

With a metro area population of just over 5.5 million Atlanta boasts the ninth largest metro population in the USA and is an important trucking and transporation hub for the southeast. In addition, Atlanta is the 12th fastest growing city

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Postmates to experiment with on-demand delivery for a dollar

By Dan Boaz | Jul 3, 2015

Same day delivery services for retailers and restaurants are seemingly growing ever more competitive in light of news that on-demand delivery specialist Postmates are considering one hour deliveries (in specific markets) for just $1. Whether it's a publicity stunt or signs that earning a customer's purchase is priority one are open to debate but it's clear that the race to the bottom for on-demand delivery for restaurants and retailers is well underway.

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Deliv purchase Chicago shipper to expand same day delivery services

By Dan Boaz | Jul 1, 2015

The same day delivery market is expanding rapidly in 2015 and analysts suggest this is poised to accelerate over the coming years. For retailers the importance of grabbing a portion of the same day and on demand delivery audience appears to be of growing importance and while we've seen many companies expand services and options already this year word reaches us today about another acquisition that could be significant.

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Amazon looks to reinvent same day delivery for retailers

By Dan Boaz | Jun 5, 2015

To suggest that Amazon are using 2015 to make bold changes to the same day delivery markets for retailers both online and offline would be akin to saying that the Sahara has a lot of sand. In the latest step, Amazon is seeking to reinvent the concept of same day delivery by offering it for free to

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Is Apple preparing same day delivery launch?

By Dan Boaz | May 29, 2015

As the competition between retailers in the same day delivery market continues to heat up it's remarkable that there has been little or no mention of Apple joining the fray, at least until now. With 2015 shaping up to be the year that same day delivery services really ignite

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Amazon secure drone patent for same day delivery by air

By Dan Boaz | May 21, 2015

With the news that Amazon.com have received an approved patent for drone delivery the key remaining question is to what extent will the concept of same day delivery via drone be practical when the FAA finalize their study. The original FAA testing approval placed strict restrictions

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Amazon add urban Chicago warehouse to support same day delivery growth

By Dan Boaz | May 12, 2015

In previous posts on the Same Day Delivery blog we've written at length about the changing approach that Amazon, along with others, are taking to alter the existing distribution center model for same day delivery and on-demand delivery. Led by Amazon and followed by other large retailers both online and offline there is

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Uber's same day delivery merchant program appears to be imminent

By Dan Boaz | Apr 30, 2015

A few months ago we wrote about Uber pulling the plug on same day delivery service in Washington D.C. after a very brief pilot period. As we speculated at the time it didn't suggest that Uber was withdrawing from the competitive same day services field but more likely just fine-tuning their overall approach.

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Same day delivery service....to the trunk of your car?

By Dan Boaz | Apr 24, 2015

We thought our last post about same day delivery via underground pipes seemed rather radical, but a new pilot scheme from Amazon being trialed in Germany may be equally surprising. Amazon are launching a very limited program for Amazon Prime customers where deliveries can be made to the trunk of your car.

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Is underground same day delivery just a pipe dream?

By Dan Boaz | Apr 20, 2015

Speculation about future developments in the same day delivery market often leads to discussions about the practical likelihood of drone delivery and modifications to the distribution center consumer configuration. This week sees the potential for urgent freight instead being delivered in a subterranean manner via a huge underground network of pipes. The story comes from

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FAA approve Amazon drone testing, how much could last mile delivery change if approved

By Dan Boaz | Apr 14, 2015

Whether a consequential percentage of next generation last mile delivery technology will ever be completed by drone has been the cause of much speculation over the last few years. I imagine it may have some specific applications to remote delivery locations but not

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Same Day Delivery news volume two

By Dan Boaz | Apr 5, 2015

Welcome back to the same day delivery blog and the second edition of same day delivery news for some of the interesting stories over the last few weeks that merit your attention. The first edition is linked here in case you missed it and for each story below you can click the blue link for the full article to learn more.

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As Amazon add same day delivery cities, where will they focus next?

By Dan Boaz | Mar 30, 2015

All indications were that same day delivery was going to be a major priority for Amazon in 2015 and only a quarter of the way into the year those predictions seem to be on the money. For Amazon, the recent addition of Baltimore, Miami and Dallas to their same day delivery roster suggests that further growth is also likely in the very near future.

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Starbucks continue to brew up same day delivery strategies

By Dan Boaz | Mar 20, 2015

Almost everyone likes a coffee or other beverage to help their day along, but will the introduction of same day delivery options by Starbucks prove to be a sensation or a flop? According to news coming out of the company's annual shareholder meeting (with thanks to Geekwire) it appears that on-demand delivery

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Oregon launches road usage charge for cars and light commercial vehicles

By Dan Boaz | Mar 10, 2015

Across the country, states are struggling to replace missing gas tax revenues due to ever improving vehicle fuel efficiency and the gradual growth in popularity of electric vehicles. Oregon will this summer launch the first tax system based on miles driven to try and cover the shortfall

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New study shows same day delivery a priority for consumers

By Dan Boaz | Mar 3, 2015

According to a new retail study published last week about the future of retail, urgent delivery, expedited delivery, rush delivery, same day delivery and on demand delivery are all critical 'wants' for consumers. With that said retailers, distributors and manufacturers are each trying to find the ideal logistics solutions

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Dan Boaz Business Model Featured on Forbes

By Tim Merrick | Feb 25, 2015

Meet our founder Dan Boaz, an entrepreneur and leader in the domain industry. Dan had a vision for his success and it was to completely control the online expedited freight market. To accomplish this, he has aggressively pursued and secured more than 1,000 transportation-related domain names.

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Same Day Delivery news volume one

By Dan Boaz | Feb 23, 2015

Welcome back to the Same Day Delivery blog as we begin another week. There have been so many stories related to the industry in recent weeks that we're going to begin a series of posts that offer a quick summary of some of the developments each month or so that you can keep current with even more of the same day activity. In each story below you can click the blue link for the full article to learn more.

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Ace is the place with the helpful hardware / same day delivery man

By Dan Boaz | Feb 17, 2015

Ace Hardware has become the latest national retailer to announce that they are throwing their hat into the local same day delivery battle and for the company well known by the phrase '...the place with the helpful hardware man' perhaps they'll add an asterisk pointing out that he now delivers too.

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Uber pull plug on same day delivery service in D.C. just weeks after rebranding

By Dan Boaz | Feb 6, 2015

We recently wrote about Uber and their new same day delivery service with a driver provided being tested out in Hong Kong. Simultaneously the company have rebranded, tested and for the time being at least shuttered a local same day/on-demand delivery service here in the U.S. all within the space of a month and a half. What's very apparent is that Uber are aiming to find space in the growing same day delivery arena and certainly can't be ignored.

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Could struggling RadioShack provide a same day delivery launchpad for Amazon?

By Dan Boaz | Feb 4, 2015

It seems that the potential demise of RadioShack could in turn help to see same day delivery service objectives realized for Amazon.com. There's no doubt that Amazon are jockeying for position to corner much of the retail same day delivery market, currently offered to Amazon Prime members only for a flat fee of $5.99 per shipment, providing that the customer lives in select markets.

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Will new 'Roadie' app prosper in competitive same day delivery market

By Dan Boaz | Jan 28, 2015

Rapid changes in today's technology have altered business beyond recognition and as you would expect this also applies to the b2b same day delivery sector. Whether it be accounting, networking, communication or GPS/mapping applications, technology continues to help businesses of all types become more efficient and manage resources in ways far beyond what was previously possible.

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Are retailers at risk of overcrowding the same day delivery field?

By Dan Boaz | Jan 20, 2015

It's interesting that so much of what we've written about same day delivery in recent months has looked at how traditional retailers are looking to ride the wave that adding same day services will take them on. Many large retailers are in effect becoming their own warehousing or distribution centers in an effort to compete with the sales of online retailers while also refining their own delivery service options for customers who prefer to shop online.

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Uber to test cargo delivery version of popular app initially in Hong Kong

By Dan Boaz | Jan 15, 2015


If you haven't yet used the app-based taxi and transportation service Uber chances are you know someone that has. The rise of the company since 2009 has been nothing short of accelerated and today they offer service in over 200 cities in 53 different countries around the world.  With a sales model conceived around the Uber app for smartphones, the application allows customers to reserve a vehicle plus driver from their fleet to book a ride and track the whereabouts of the car.  

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Commercial van sales improved 14.3% in 2014

By Tim Merrick | Jan 13, 2015

The growing economy, less expensive gas and a steady rise in the demand for delivered goods and equipment via traditional methods and same day delivery has seen impressive sales for new vehicles in general and also in commercial vehicles. While many of the leading automakers are reporting sales running at rates that are between 10-20% higher than a year ago (and in some cases even above that) we’re also seeing sales of trucks and commercial vans reporting very similar increases.

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USPS to add same day delivery services in D.C. on January 15th

By Tim Merrick | Jan 9, 2015

If any further evidence was needed to demonstrate the rapid growth in popularity of same day delivery services it may have just been delivered by the news that USPS are expanding their services in the arena. Up until now USPS had been experimenting with what they’ve called ‘Metro Post’ in just San Francisco (which struggled) and New York City, but now they have announced that the service will be expanded to include Washington D.C. along with certain suburbs of the city in Virginia and Maryland. 

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Same Day Delivery services came of age in 2014

By Tim Merrick | Jan 6, 2015

With the 2014 holiday season now officially over and the nation getting back to normal work routines it's an ideal time to begin to take stock of the huge impact that same day delivery had on the nation's consumers and sellers last month. 2014 was clearly the year that the migration to same day delivery services took flight whether it be business-to-business same day delivery or the rapidly expanding retailer (particularly online etailers) to customer market.

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Instacart's same day delivery for groceries set to expand and compete in 2015

By Dan Boaz | Jan 2, 2015

The arrival of 2015 sets up the next chapter in the continuing rise of same day delivery services across the nation. While our services primarily focus on business-to-business same day delivery for urgent supplies, equipment, parts or inventory we watch with interest what's happening elsewhere in the industry.

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Seasonal demand for next day and same day delivery leads to staffing and vehicle challenges

By Dan Boaz | Dec 24, 2014

The holiday season in 2014 looks extremely likely to set new records for rush package deliveries across the United States. Every December brings the industry to its summit in terms of capacity and the growing dependency on online retailers who can offer next and same day delivery options continues to see the overall demand swell.

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eBay launch same day delivery services for Brooklyn with numerous smaller retailers

By Tim Merrick | Dec 18, 2014

More same day delivery news emanating from the eBay camp this week concerning the expansion of same day services in Brooklyn, New York. On the heels of the recent announcement that eBay have removed their same day app from mobile devices it presents an unexpected about face in terms of the company's objectives in the same day delivery field.

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Are Amazon soon to take their same day delivery options global?

By Tim Merrick | Dec 12, 2014

Speculation that Amazon is looking to ramp up their same day delivery services not just in the USA but internationally ratcheted up to a higher level this week. Research and news reports from outlets such as CNET and Business Insider both point to a recruitment drive seeking same day delivery experts being conducted by the giant online retailer.

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Is same day delivery emphasis by retailers matching customer priorities this holiday season?

By Tim Merrick | Dec 7, 2014

Same Day Delivery options remain firmly in the news as just under three weeks remain until Christmas in what promises to be the busiest year yet for online retailers. Some analysts are predicting that for the U.S. this will be the year where online shopping totals exceed traditional bricks and mortar retailing for the first time ever and those who have added same day delivery choices look to secure a piece of that growing trend.

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Are eBay quietly withdrawing from the same day delivery market?

By Tim Merrick | Nov 25, 2014

Slowly but seemingly rather quietly eBay continue to contract their same day delivery services which some observers suggest reinforces the lack of readiness and cost appreciation of same day services by the internet giant. Over the weekend eBay silently removed their eBay Now app from the iOS App Store. Prior to removal of the app mobile customers were able to shop via their mobile devices from specific nearby partner retailers to receive same day delivery for a flat $5 fee.

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Amazon to test drones for same day delivery services in Cambridge, England

By Tim Merrick | Nov 20, 2014

We recently wrote about the future of same day delivery and delivery drones, suggesting that issues with FAA approval could delay the introduction of such futuristic services in the US for an extended period of time. It appears that this hasn't dampened the optimism of the online giant as Amazon plans to test drones in Cambridge, England in the very near future.

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Macy's are the latest retailer to join the same day delivery holiday race

By Tim Merrick | Nov 17, 2014

The growing number of companies leaping into the same day delivery fray suggests that retailers specifically are worried about missing out on a piece of the consumer interest if the current ceiling for same day carrier options is higher than expected. There's every chance that the battle will see some services come and go and the deciding factor will most likely rest with the consumer adoption rates from city to city. Department store Macy's are the latest to launch a same day delivery option so we'll keep an eye on their overall expansion.

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Could electric vans and drones be the future of same day delivery?

By Tim Merrick | Nov 10, 2014

As the price of fuel continues to fall there seems to have been a similar decrease in the amount of articles about environmentally-friendly vehicles and 'green transportation'. That's most likely short-sighted as although we're currently paying the lowest amount at the pumps since 2010 I'd wager that the long term trend will continue to see fuel remain far more expensive than in years gone by. In the world of urgent freight, same day delivery and next day shipping most vehicles are not at the pinnacle of fuel efficiency but there is a push to try and change that coming out of Cincinnati courtesy of AMP Electric Vehicles.

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Are Starbucks brewing a good idea with Same Day Delivery Service?

By Tim Merrick | Nov 5, 2014

At present much of the same day delivery news is consumer-driven with products/purchases getting urgently shipped around town to specific zip codes however I'm not convinced that there's a strong need for the forthcoming addition of Starbucks same day delivery services. After all isn't one of the reasons we enjoy dropping in for a hot cup of coffee the fact it's piping hot when the barista hands it to us, or an iced coffee drink not being watered down by the time it reaches our hands.

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New same day delivery service launches inside Seattle shopping malls

By Tim Merrick | Oct 30, 2014

The number of companies looking to add same day delivery services to their arsenal continues to expand, much of this driven by a demand for urgent deliveries of purchases but critically also within the business-to-business sector. In an economy that is finding its feet companies and consumers aren't in the business of waiting for deliveries or accepting late ones. Couple this with the fact that a new report shows consumer confidence has reached a seven year high this month suggests the addition of new expedited delivery services could well be a trend that's set to continue.

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Google suffers same day delivery setback as three large retailers opt out of new program

By Dan Boaz | Oct 20, 2014

The Same Day Delivery story of the season keeps taking new twists and turns as the battle between Amazon Prime and Google Express continues to intensify. Here at samedaydelivery.com we understand all of the nuances of urgent same day delivery so it's very interesting to watch how this story plays out.

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Google and Amazon go head-to-head in same day delivery battle

By Dan Boaz | Oct 14, 2014

Google set to take on Boston traffic

Welcome to the very first post on our blog at samedaydelivery.com. You'll soon be seeing regular blog updates both here and on our other websites within The Expedited Group of Companies as we look at the industry where we work, the news and developments that affect our industry and some of the trends and reports that matter to those interested in same day delivery, urgent freight, air freight and transportation in general. We also hope to hear from you as we explore different topics related to the same day and next day delivery industry and overnight trucking in general and with that said let's get rolling.

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