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Deliv raises the same day delivery stakes with new acquisition

By Dan Boaz | Nov 12, 2015

The race to corner the retail same day delivery market continues to gather pace with last mile delivery company Deliv announcing this week that they have purchased New York City's Zipments - the leading provider of same day services in that city.

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Best Buy the latest retailer to test Same Day Delivery services

By Dan Boaz | Nov 4, 2015

The same day delivery race for retailers is accelerating unabated with the news that Best Buy are the latest large chain to lay out plans to experiment with same day shipping services. Compared with Target and Macy's the addition of Best Buy will be an interesting one to watch as much of their inventory consists of larger items and they sell a more specific product line, electronics, than their competition.

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Will Uber Rush reinvent retail same day delivery?

By Dan Boaz | Oct 29, 2015

Same Day Delivery services for retailers in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago may be looking at a major change with the addition of Uber Rush. Throughout this year, it has been rumored that Uber is experimenting with more wide-scale local same day delivery options that would target both retailers and the public at large.

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Kohl's leap into same day delivery market to be supported by Deliv

By Dan Boaz | Oct 14, 2015

As we've predicted a number of times on the same day delivery blog, this year has become the real-time testing market for retail same day delivery services with the competition still ramping up to secure their piece of the growing consumer demand for same day services. Nationwide retailer Kohl's is the latest to add same day delivery services in a move that appears to be mostly in response to the ongoing growth by Macy's in this exact field.

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Driver shortage grows for trucking and same day delivery sector

By Dan Boaz | Oct 7, 2015

While 2015 has been a strong year so far for the nationwide trucking sector, the lack of drivers for same day freight and freight loads in general, remains an ongoing concern. Per the most recent U.S. Employment Outlook for September nationally, the transportation sector has just over 350,000 open jobs with about 80% of those for truck drivers.

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Canada's Shop.ca may launch drone same day delivery service before Amazon

By Dan Boaz | Sep 17, 2015

While the focus on the eventual arrival of drones being used regular same day delivery services has been on Amazon.com and the testing regulations and approval by the FAA it may be Canada that offers the first regular glimpse of drone delivery. In what would provide an unexpected turn in the rush to provide

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